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Open "secondary" video optical transceiver


Optical fiber transmission industry rapid development today, the resulting surge of unhealthy practices will slowly rise, some undesirable businessman began to make a "secondary" optical fiber transmission products, a light day bo communication do you today to introduce the so-called "secondary" video the real appearance of optical transceiver, hope to help everyone in the choose and buy the video light end machine!
A, chips and some equipment with defective or innovation, concrete is now some dealers on the chip market can carry on the innovation of the old chip, marking again, etc., is a seasoned thoroughly a profit chain, if do not have a certain ability to identify, unexpectedly also look not to come out. There is little to a capacitance resistance it has a lot of problems, quotation and some specification on goods distance is large. Even look about some of the connectors on the quotation have even a piece of money, contains the BNC head.
Second, the selection of innovation module and defect light module, optical module's the most expensive one in the optical transceiver equipment, usually 40% of the optical transceiver capital - 40% at the mercy of capital. The innovation of the optical module is also very many on the market, to the extent to which sold by weight, a jin of about $500, domestic, and the innovation of the imported light module 5000 yuan a kilo. So how much a pound of light module optical module? Answer is, at least 30 pairs, which is about $17 an optical module. Defective light end machine on the market there are a lot of use is some small workshops producing defective light module, we base cannot distinguish from the appearance, and good light module, video light end machine with all the way, there are 120 dollars a pair of price fluctuation.
Third, the defect power supply, optical transceiver with the power supply on the market, specification points are usually the amount of a pair of 5 v1a - 2 a batch of mercy has 25 yuan. And there are some on the market launch of 6 dollars a similar power supply, but if you use an oscilloscope or measurement is simple to see two significantly different on the power supply ripple, and use the process too hot, easy damage.
Fourth, the lightning protection maintenance, many companies say there are lightning protection function, its not so optical transceiver. Start of the so-called lightning protection, originally is for optical transceiver some interface, combined with the TVS diode, is a anti-static tube. Lightning protection is mainly induction lightning proof, induction lightning and grounding didn't any relationship. Also called three levels of lightning protection, the principle is not difficult, bonus to self-restore err on the side of the top level, the second crystal discharge tube, the third pole and TVS diode, good self-healing is safe and crystal discharge tube a are usually a few dollars, and defect of the TVS diode is only 3 cents at the mercy of a. Add real thunder and lightning protection and without lightning protection are significant different in the capital.
Five, some companies as much as possible in order to reduce capital, also can choose the same bandwidth transmit more data, for example, eliminate 8-bit video output video sampling lowest, using its lowest to other data, some audio bandwidth can not real satisfaction 20 hz - 22 KHZ audio bandwidth (seen as long as 100 hz - 8 KHZ, and with others to test the machine) is also said to be high fidelity of deceptive. Low rate of light module to overclocking transmit more data, and so on.
Always, any intention to sell goods on a profit for the company, profit is the company's livelihood and carry out the basic conditions, if a company to unimaginable low price to sell the goods, then clarify the things they can only use defect is reduced capital, they will not sell at a loss. Of course, these also appeal to the majority of dealers and the needs of the engineering contractor. Of course, I also ill feelings profiteering, there are some products with high profile, commanding the quotation. But this also satisfied some of the so-called famous brand. Original purchase commodity should be attention is cost-effective, blind intention to seek low price can only be brought back a lot of questions, blind intention to seek high quotation of product is also a very irrational consumption idea.
Shenzhen day bo communication after 16 years in the industry, rain carries on her work, accumulated rich experience in actual combat, always adhere to their professional ethics, to shape a good corporate image, the quality of our products is our image, how to let the customer to create a customer for us? Day bo communication is doing, with their own product quality to good product quality pass, every customer can have a good reputation from customers, for this day bo communication never forget to adhere to high quality can be unique in the industry!