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What is a network optical transceiver?What are the typical features of the network optical transceiver?


Network optical transceiver, connect the network medium for optical fiber.Optical fiber low loss and high electromagnetic interference, in the network transmission distance from 200 meters to 2 km to a few tens of kilometers, even in the hundreds of kilometers, at the same time, also make the quality of data communication has greatly improved.It makes the server, Repeaters, hubs, interconnection between terminals and the terminal more forthright.(recommended products: single mode optical fiber transceiver)

Optical transceiver HPN network is a powerful, compact structure, flexible network installation media converter, through his converts the electrical signals of the original in twisted-pair transmission for the transmission of optical signals in the creation, thus extending the Ethernet connection distance, broke the use of twisted pair can only transmit 100 close distance limit.At the same time, the network optical transceiver using the latest design, high performance chip, optical transceiver module integrated high quality, stable performance, good quality, strong adaptability, connected to the common network equipment can normal use.Network optical transceiver is suitable for the telecommunications, radio and television, broadband network and so on need high speed, high data flow and high performance, high reliability of Ethernet environment.(recommended products: multimode optical fiber transceiver)

When the network optical transceiver in the enterprise information construction belongs to is the core of essential equipment.When the choice conditions factors must be considered.